Answers to frequently asked questions


How it works

  1. Send us a request via the tentative quotation form or by email to info@bizlanga.com.
  2. Based on the specification of your inquiry, we will prepare a tentative quotation and send it to your email. We will call you if we need additional information.
  3. If you like our offer, you need to confirm your order by email and send us your billing information.
  4. Based on your confirmation, we will place your order into our system. We will send the order confirmation to your email.
  5. We will send the completed translation to your email, in the case of a sworn translation, we will send it to your mailing address.
  6. You pay for the translations by sending the total amount to the bank account number stated on the invoice. We always ask for an agreed amount payment before starting the translation (just send us a confirmation of your payment via email - screenshot or confirmation from internet banking), unless we agree otherwise.


  • I want to know the total cost of translation. How should I proceed?

Either fill out the form for a tentative quotation or send your inquiry via email to info@bizlanga.com. On most inquiries we will respond within 60 minutes.

  • What is the total cost of translation based on?

The total cost of translation depends on the number of SP (1,800 characters incl. spaces), translated language, translation type (e.g. ordinary/sworn) and the level of expertise of the text.

  • What bulk discounts do you offer?

The bulk discount amount depends on the translated language and the level of expertise of the text. We always strive to offer the lowest possible price. E.g. in the case of large SP quantities (tens SP) of a text with a high level of expertise, unit prices for SP are close to or equal to the prices for an ordinary text.

  • What is the additional charge for express translation?

We will produce express translations for you at no extra cost.

  • I have already received the quotation, how do I order the translation?

You can create the order here , or order the translation via email info@bizlanga.com along with your billing information.

  • I want to order the translation, but I do not have a quotation. Is it possible?

Yes. Before starting the translation we will send you the quotation and confirm the required delivery date of the translation or suggest another. If the price or delivery date is acceptable for you, you can request cancelling the order.

  • How quickly will the translation be ready?

We always try to meet your required delivery date and time or eventually agree with you on a date and time which is acceptable to you.

  • How quickly will be delivered sworn translation?

Given that sworn translations are handled by mail, usually the translation is sent to your mailing address within 5 working days from receipt of the document for translation (the original or an officially certified copy).

  • How do I pay for the translation?

You pay for the translations by sending the total amount to the bank account indicated on the invoice sent by email.


Why choose us?

  • High quality
  • Reasonable prices
  • Speed
  • Experience and references
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Individual approach


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