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One of the provided professional services is sworn translation. Sworn translations are firmly coupled with the original document in a notarial manner (sealing cord + personal stamp of the translator) and also a verifying document (interpreting clause). The interpreter’s clause is written in the same language as the translated text, so you can use such documents for foreign authorities. It confirms that the translation in the target language agrees with the text of the original document.

In practice, the various synonyms are used for this type of translation, for example stamped translations, official translations, and notarized translations. Sworn translations can only be prepared by translators authorized by national courts.

In case of a sworn translation, we recommend sending us an official or notarized copy of the original document to avoid a situation where you will need the original document separated from the sworn translation.

Use of sworn translations

Sworn translations are required by local or foreign states and local government offices, courts and police. Considering their higher price, we recommend before ordering the translation to investigate whether you really need a sworn translation for this type of procedure.

The most often are sworn translated for example documents:

  • notarial records
  • extracts from criminal records or trade registers
  • the court decisions
  • certificates and diplomas
  • tax returns
  • death, birth and marriage certificates
  • papers from the corporate environment
  • documents generated by the judicial and police authorities, etc.

We deliver sworn translations by mail, i.e. an original or official copy of the translated document must be sent to given mailing address. Sworn translations will be sent to your mailing address usually within 5 working days from receipt of the original translated document.


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