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Translation proofreading is a suitable service if you are concerned about the quality of your translation, if you don’t want to have typos or grammatical and stylistic errors in your text, or if you need additional text review before publishing on the web or printing it. Alternatively, the native speaker-copywriter can modify the translation to improve the text in a creative way.

We’ll happily provide you with the following services:

  • Basic proofreading by a native speaker
    A native speaker of a given language checks spelling and grammar, correct punctuation, misspellings, make basic stylistic adjustments or corrections. The native speaker does not check the source and target text for consistency.

  • Stylistic proofreading by a native speaker
    In addition to spelling and grammar checking, the native speaker pays increased attention to the clarity and “readability” of the target text, hence making more stylistic adjustments. This type of proofreading is typical for marketing materials, websites or other advertising texts.

  • Proofreading before printing
    In this case, the native speaker completes a final review of the document to be printed. Removes errors created during the process of text preparation for printing. For example, typically removes incorrect hyphenation at the end of lines, typos, etc.

  • Copywriting
    In this case, the native copywriter improves the translation in a creative way. This type of service is typical mainly for marketing texts.


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