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Markéta Kolářová
marketing specialist, insurance company

We have been working with the company for several years and it is always great to work with them. Friendly and individual approach, quality and speed of processing are at a high level in contrast to the low price. I can only recommend.

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Karolina Novakova
marketing specialist, importer, manufacturer and distributor of bathroom equipment, plumbing and heating technology

We have already turned to BizLanga in the past, so it was a clear choice for us this time as well. We are currently solving the translation of labels and instructions for export abroad, and we need a translation from Czech into 7 world languages. Communication is always excellent, basically immediately. Shorter translations were completed within about 4 days, longer/more demanding ones within a week. We still have some translations to come. I definitely recommend the cooperation, you will be satisfied.

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Head of Management, supplier of mobile accessories

I am very satisfied with the translation services. These are mostly translations into EN, but also DE and CZ. Communication is always fast and accommodating. Delivery always according to agreement, often even earlier.

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food company

The company processes the order excellently, I am very satisfied.

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Pavel Nohejl
operator of a website with holiday accommodation

We were very satisfied with the agency's work and will be happy to use its services in the future. The translations were quite diverse, the website, business terms, mobile phone applications, various minor details, complete longer sections of text as well as short passwords or faqs. I must highlight the speed of communication, as well as the speed of pricing of individual orders. The deadlines were always met, despite the fact that we were in a relatively hurry with the translations.

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Kristina Luskacova
manufacturer of water and air treatment technologies

Responsive, fast and understandable communication, good price. We are comfortable with offering different levels of translations, as we need some translations for internal purposes, others for marketing purposes. 100% adherence to promised deadlines, sometimes they manage to send texts even before the deadline.

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