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Mgr. Petra Pahorecka
private customer

I needed the urgent translations of contracts to French, everything, from the first negotiation to delivery of contracts (during the weekend and Bank holiday), went excellent, absolutely smoothly, end even after several adjustments of the original text. Everything was processed by return. Definitely I recommend for friendliness, nice dealing, speed, professionalism (text was evaluated by French native speaker) and good prices.

Evaluated 20.11.2014 from IP: 80.83.71.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Martin Sklenar
company director, plastic windows vendor

From the communication to the speed and a callback, I was really pleased. Definitely highly recommended.

Evaluated 6.11.2014 from IP: 109.81.210.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Jan Machacek
owner, export company

I needed sworn translation from Hungarian to Czech of the form for sport weapons export. Everything was handled promptly in 24 hours after the order and sent via email. Any special surcharge, agreement directly with the owner. I am fully satisfied.

Evaluated 5.11.2014 from IP: 195.70.148.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Roman Slezak
private customer

Very accommodating and pleasant dealing.

Evaluated 24.10.2014 from IP: 88.103.66.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
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