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By the localization process of web pages, applications, games or an entire information system we modify your software for international markets. During localization we take possible differences into account in formatting dates and times, phone numbers, addresses and separators or other local specifications.

Software localization

We translate all text SW components such as helps, news, dialogues, navigations or texts in the graphical part of the software. The same user experience (UX) as in the source language is the localization result.

The usual procedure for software localization is:

  • Software analysis
  • Identify and extract files or texts to be translated
  • Translation
  • Testing the correct text display
  • Testing the overall SW functionality
  • Deployment of localized SW into production environment.

We provide all the above mentioned steps of the SW localization process and related activities for our customers based on an agreement with our customers.

Within the localization, the translation process itself can be done in several ways:

  • Translations of extracted texts in a text editor

    One of the options is to send the translated source texts in the format for editing them in a standard text or spreadsheet editor (format doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt). The texts are then translated in the appropriate text or spreadsheet editor. This translation method is easier for translators and less time-consuming and therefore cheaper.

  • Translations directly in the source code

    Another option could be delivering of texts in a source code (e.g. xml files, ini, lang, html, php, jsp etc.). The translation is then implemented in the relevant source code editor. This type of translation is more time consuming for translators.

  • Translations in the administration environment

    In this case, translators and proofreaders work directly in the software administration environment. It’s necessary to provide access to the administration environment and a short training or user manual for quick orientation and work in the environment. Again, this is a more technical and time consuming option.

Localization of websites and e-shops

A large number of website and e-shop owners aim to provide information, services or products to foreign visitors. We can be especially helpful in this area. Our experienced translators ensure quality localization of your websites and e-shops in various business areas.

The usual translation procedure and options are similar to the software localization described above.

Multimedia localization

We translate your multimedia presentations, videos, video games, audio files and interactive applications into your desired target language to reach your customers or partners on international markets. We are able to process and localize various formats of a multimedia file, including testing its correct functionality.

Localization of internet advertising

We also provide you with localizaton of:

  • PPC ads
  • text banners
  • key words, and much more.


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