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Jana Urbanova
manager, manufacturer of components and structures for the space industry

Very professional approach, fast response to question and active communication from the point of view an impatient customer. Thank you for your services.

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owner, retro boutique

We have been working with the company BizLanga for more than two years. Seamless communication. Quality translations delivered on time. I recomend.

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Andrea Wijova
account manager, marketing company

We use the translation services of BizLanga that processes our orders quickly and without any problems, we are satisfied.

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Dominika Pöschlova
marketing, sportswear manufacturer

I have been cooperating with BizLanga.com for more than 4 years. I'm always extremely satisfied with the job. Everything is delivered at a pre-arranged date. I appreciate quick negotiations and professional cooperation. BizLanga.com has my recommendations.

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Tereza Frankova
marketing specialist , facility management company

I am very satisfied with BizLanga. Translations are always deliver precisely processed and, above all, at agreed date. Of course, our terms are very challenging. Very nice and fast communication. I definitely recommend.

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Ing. Michaela Kastierova
manager, medicine devices distributor

Our company has been using translation services of BizLanga.com for over 3 years and we are extremely happy with both the speed and the quality of the translations. I strongly recommend using this company.

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