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Alzbata Hlubuckova
company engaged in media communications

Seamless and kind communication, quick delivery of translations. Thanks for the cooperation.

Hodnoceno 11.6.2015 from IP: 46.167.196.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Lenka Kuglik
real estate company

I am very satisfied. Quick and seamless communication and translations are delivered quickly and all right.

Evaluated 21.4.2015 from IP: 92.90.26.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Olga Mikesova
private customer

I recommend to choose for the texts translation this agency. Their approach and willingness to changes and additions in given text was exemplary. I was very pleased by very friendly and kind communication. Thanks.

Evaluated 31.3.2015 from IP: 37.48.47.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Katerina Kosinkova
television producer

Communication was absolutely excellent, quick and the trasnlations have been completed even before deadline. Any changes from our side were no problem. I can warmly recommend to other those interested. We will certainly use the services of BizLanga again.

Evaluated 9.3.2015 from IP: 80.188.30.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Ivona Prochazkova
office manager, financial and consulting company

speed, accuracy, friendliness = great satisfaction

Evaluated 9.3.2015 from IP: 151.237.226.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

RNDr. David Chab, Ph.D.

Perfect cooperation. I had a little bit non-standard task related to transport of material and other things, the agreement with BizLanga was exemplary, thanks ..:-)

Evaluated 7.3.2015 from IP: 77.75.76.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)
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