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Filip Kovarik
real estate agent and agency chief

Good day, I am very satisfied, very flexible approach, everything went well even under time pressure …They helped also in the administration area, they work non-stop – thanks for pleasant cooperation and I look forward to further one.

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Iveta Cízkova
assistant, marketing and export company,

I evaluate the cooperation with company very positively. Quick and seamless order delivery for acceptable price and very good cooperation, both via email and via phone. They have helped me also with non-standard order. I have requested more companies, which are dedicating to translations and this one is the best for the needs of our company.

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Vojtech Cech
managing partner, service center for mobiles and tablets

We regularly cooperate with bizLanga.com and we are very satisfied. Translations and proofreading, which are delivered by them, are at excellent level and always delivered on time, which we appreciate a lot. Also express translations are processing without any problem.

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Alzbata Hlubuckova
company engaged in media communications

Seamless and kind communication, quick delivery of translations. Thanks for the cooperation.

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Lenka Kuglik
real estate company

I am very satisfied. Quick and seamless communication and translations are delivered quickly and all right.

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Olga Mikesova
private customer

I recommend to choose for the texts translation this agency. Their approach and willingness to changes and additions in given text was exemplary. I was very pleased by very friendly and kind communication. Thanks.

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