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Xenie Kaduchova
trade union

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of Prekladatelna, which in record time (forced by our project management) managed in knowledgeable, highly qualified and very willingly way to translate challenging academic text in four languages - Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian, I would like to emphasize the friendly and pleasant dealing of Mrs. Ing. Klamo and the whole team. I believe that this case is the beginning of a new and promising cooperation.

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Elena Alexy
editorial studio

Excellent, quick and precise work. Additionally there is also linguistic sense for translating more chalanging texts and themes. It is appreciated.

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Jan Vrba
private customer

I am very satisfied with the company bizlanga.com, from awarding the order to its delivery, everything went very professionally and the communication about the price, payment and delivery date was very clear, exact and understandable. Everything was delivered in agreed time and the level and elaboration is excellent.

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Adam Fronek
head of graphic department, garden equipment manufacturer

Seamless long-term cooperation in the translation of business texts to more languages, high quality of the translation and friendly deadlines and prices. Also clear process and cooperation rules, friendly and fast communication, and willingness during non-standard situations. We will certainly continue in the cooperation.

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Simona Vrablikova
private customer

I am satisfied with the translation and also its price. I can only recommend. Dealing and approach without mistakes. If I need the translation, I will turn to BizLanga.com. I recommend.

Evaluated 16.8.2016 from IP: 93.153.67.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Katerina Ulrichova
film production company

I am absolutely excited about professional approach and the delivery speed of our order. I recommend.

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