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Bc. Bronislav Markowicz
managing partner, marketing company

Long-term cooperation with company BizLanga.com has brought to our clients the tens of standard pages precisely translated wordings to different world languages (translation including proofreading). Definitely I recommend and not only thanks to high quality work and speed, but also thanks to very acceptable price.

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Tomas Kozar
project manager, marketing agency

I regularly request the translations of web pages, always a great deal, quick delivery of quality translation. Never any problem, definitely I recommend!

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Dana Rusnak
lighting electronics manufacturer

Company BizLanga is very reliable. The staff is helpful, accessible anytime, we've received almost instantaneously answers to questions and demand. The deadlines have been complied with in a timely manner, even in advance. There is maximum satisfaction from our side 🙂

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Matej Skoda
private customer

Great willingness, excellent speed and translation perfect 🙂 I highly recommend.

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private customer

Experience with this company is more than positive. I evaluate processing speed, quality, and communication as perfect. I RECOMMEND!

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Michal Berza
managing partner, dairy production

We have to share flawless experience and great cooperation in the area of translations. Express and high quality services, amazing approach, willingness, speed. We would like ONLY TO RECOMMEND and to thank also in this way. We have clear partner for translations – BizLanga.com.

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