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private customer

Experience with this company is more than positive. I evaluate processing speed, quality, and communication as perfect. I RECOMMEND!

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Michal Berza
managing partner, dairy production

We have to share flawless experience and great cooperation in the area of translations. Express and high quality services, amazing approach, willingness, speed. We would like ONLY TO RECOMMEND and to thank also in this way. We have clear partner for translations – BizLanga.com.

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Ondrej Musil
private customer

I would like to thank to the whole team of BizLanga for absolutely professional and quality elaboration of my translation. I thank especially to Mr. Ing.Oliver Klamo for the elaboration speed of my order.

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Jana Jirackova
private customer

Excellent cooperation, communicativeness from the side of company and express delivery of the translation.

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Olga Kracikova
private customer

I would like to thank to your company for perfect service, extensive translation delivered in express time limit, excellent communication and very reasonable price. I will warmly recommend you.

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Filip Kovarik
real estate agent and agency chief

Good day, I am very satisfied, very flexible approach, everything went well even under time pressure …They helped also in the administration area, they work non-stop – thanks for pleasant cooperation and I look forward to further one.

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