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Yuliya Ivanova
student, Prague

On Friday afternoon, the only company that was helpful, fast and professional (out of 8 I requested). I needed quickly (within 24 hours) translate the abstract of the DW from Czech into English. We agreed on the date of completion the next day (Saturday), but the translation was on my e-mail on Friday after a few hours !!!) I received a careful and high-quality translation! Thank you so much for the speed, the ability to manage the order, fast communication and helpfulness! I definitely recommend!

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Eva Ondrovicova
manufacturer and supplier of machinery

This translation company pleasantly surprised us with its speed, flexibility, expertise and communication. Translations were made from Czech into English as well as from English into Slovak. In case of ambiguity, there was still a willingness to address and to find a solution. We are a manufacturer and supplier of machinery, the specificity of the translation was more demanding, but in spite of everything well mastered. We can consider this company as a trust long-term partner, whom I only recommend.

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Lucie H.
travel agency

We really appreciate that BizLanga offers translation not only from the Czech or Slovak language, but also language combinations. Translations are always done very quickly, with quality and professionalism, communication is also very fast and friendly. We recommend!

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Zuzana Prouzova
chief accountant, manufacturer of technical textiles, Mlada Boleslav

Cooperation with the company is excellent. The communication is very accommodating, the speed of request processing is unbelievable, the translations are at a high level. I will be very happy to use their services in the future.

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Rybarova Zuzana
U.B.L.C., s.r.o., Bratislava

The company processed the order very well, I am very satisfied.

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sales and trade marketing

... great communication, quickly managed 🙂

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