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Margareta Korvasova
marketing agency

We have been cooperating with the translation company BizLanga.com for over a year and we are really satisfied with their services. The translations are prepared at a high level quality and always delivered according to agreed deadline. We appreciate the speed and accuracy of their work.

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Barbora Mikudova
sales officer, boiler manufacturer

I evaluate the entire cooperation with BizLanga as highly professional. They met all our requirements without the smallest problem. The communication was fast and the lady was very pleasant. The translation contained more than 89,000 characters in 4 world languages.

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Silvia Rudyova
general manager assistant, mineral water supplier

The agency translated documents of various types for us - professional texts, presentations, contracts, legal documents, etc. These were translations from and into Hungarian, German, English and Slovak. Very nice, helpful approach, perfectly met delivery dates and helpfulness, when it came to time-urgent translations, they were willing to speed up the process, which helped us a lot. I would definitely recommend to my acquaintances and other companies that need professional translations.

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Silvia Hassler MBA
General manager, fundraising agency

We have been working with BizLanga as an agency for a long time. The translations refer to Czech, German and English. We also use grammar checks. The frequency of translations is several times a month and on a regular basis. These are marketing texts. I am very satisfied with the cooperation. The company's response is immediate, excellent work process - request for a quotation -> price and time offer up to a maximum of 2 hours -> possibility to confirm the order online -> delivery of translations always on time, without delay! -> translation completed by sending the translation and invoice. Everything is at once and without delay. I can 100% recommend.

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Ivana Fialova
Biotechnologic company, Brno

For translation, we usually provide product manuals, or technical documentation, translation from Czech into Slovak. I appreciate the speed, accuracy and pleasant communication. I can only recommend BizLanga.

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L. Pleska
The Department of Education and Culture, Rymarov

BizLanga has translated for us quite large applications for cross-border cooperation projects grants within the Interreg V-A program, several times from Czech to Polish. The communication of the responsible persons has always been smooth, clear and helpful, and above all fast, which is essential for grant applications. The agreed schedule was always kept without any problems, usually the translation was delivered even earlier than required. The grant provider never expressed any reservations about the submitted translation, which unfortunately happened to us in the past with other suppliers. In this case, the translation was always flawless and to our full satisfaction. I can unreservedly recommend the agency.

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