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Kristyna Corso
company specializing in dental hygiene

I have been working with the BizLanga translation agency for about a year, translating texts into Polish and Hungarian. I am very satisfied with the fast communication and efficient elaboration of the translations.

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Supplier of fire protection systems

We have a positive experience with BizLanga. A clear price offer always comes among the first contacted suppliers. We appreciate the approach and speed of communication. Usually we translate professional technical documentation (product sheets, manuals, etc.), most often in the Czech-English language combination, we also have experience with translations into Hungarian, Croatian and Slovenian. The price / quality ratio of translations is more than acceptable, and as a reliable supplier of translation services, we certainly can recommend BizLanga.

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V. Smékal
Project Director, telecommunications services provider

The agency translated 11 SP from CZ to SK for us. They were the rules of consumer competition (i.e. the text using also legal terms), which I needed the next day (until 16.00) for the client. The Agency delivered the translated text the next morning (several hours before the deadline), formatting, the text exactly matched the original. Communication with the agency was helpful, correct, they responded quickly. I am very satisfied with the work, I recommend the agency.

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Michal Pindura

We have been cooperating with BizLanga.com for a long time. What pleases us immensely is the absolute punctuality of the translations and their quality. Our orders consist mostly of marketing and business texts in the area of watches and jewelery, the deployment of which is bound to specific dates. The company have processed the orders on time, many times even before the set deadline. In addition, what we appreciate most positively were specific assignments beyond the order with which they were always willing to help us. We can only recommend the services of this translation agency.

Evaluated 18.3.2020 from IP: 178.143.191.xxx (unique IP adress among all evaluations)

Olga Soldatkina
manager, wholesale company

Excellent translations to Russian, English, German, Czech, also there is no problem with translation to Chinese.

Evaluated 21.2.2020 from IP: 109.183.236.xxx (unique IP address among all evaluations)

Lucie Chovancova
manager, advertising agency

I have been working with BizLanga for several years and I am very satisfied with the services and prices they offer. For the most part of our clients, we translate texts from the medical environment (English, German, Slovak, Russian) and we and our clients are very satisfied with the translations and expertise. Communication with the agency is very accommodating and especially fast, which does not allow to jeopardize our projects. I am very pleased that the agency is also able to work with non-traditional formats, from which sometimes it is difficult to extract texts for translation. I can only recommend the agency, I have always been satisfied with its work.

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