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Translation of a commemorative publication with a sports topic including proofreading prior to printing

The diversity of texts we encounter in the provision of translation services is virtually limitless. Last month, we focused on a topic that can certainly stir up blood in the veins of any football fan.

It was a commemorative publication translation into Polish, Italian and German language about the famous and popular football club FC Barcelona. As this was a document intended for printing, we also provided thorough proofreading prior to printing by other native speaking proofreaders. They checked the word division, word spacing, clarified some formulations, and corrected misspellings or mistakes made when transcribing text to print form in order to produce a precise publication.

The translation on the topic of football was extremely pleasurable for our colleague, who is a native Italian translator who is a really big football fan. It awakened a fan’s passion in him, since emotions definitely belong to sport. However, when translating, it’s necessary to keep cool and proceed as professionally as possible.