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Translating medical device workflows can test the translator’s abilities

One of our regular clients is a multinational company producing medical devices and since their products are also used in our country, they need to provide translations for instruction manuals and workflows. Our team of translators can even cope with these types of documents.

The journey to a long-term business partnership can lead through demanding requirements that you and your team are able to meet. It’s also the case of our cooperation with the company, which regularly shows us its confidence in translating workflows and related documentation from Dutch to Czech.

Translating such demanding texts can thoroughly test the knowledge and abilities of each translator. In this case, a perfect knowledge of Dutch and Czech languages is not enough, you also have to understand specific expressions and be able to work with them.

Our translators know how to do this and therefore the client always receives quality translated documents for medical devices with maximum emphasis on maintaining the importance of professional terminology.