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Translating medical device workflows can test the translator’s abilities

One of our regular clients is a multinational company producing medical devices and since their products are also used in our country, they need to provide translations for instruction manuals and workflows. Our team of translators can even cope with these types of documents. The journey to a long-term business partnership can lead through demanding […]

Translations of labels for outdoor equipment into 10 languages

Last month we translated labels for sleeping bags, tents and backpacks into 10 languages (Slovak, English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese, Turkish, Romanian) for our client, who is a Czech outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer. Part of the contract was translating instructions and recommendations regarding maintenance of these outdoor products throughout their lifetime. These […]

Translation of a commemorative publication with a sports topic including proofreading prior to printing

The diversity of texts we encounter in the provision of translation services is virtually limitless. Last month, we focused on a topic that can certainly stir up blood in the veins of any football fan. It was a commemorative publication translation into Polish, Italian and German language about the famous and popular football club FC […]

Translations of patent documents: when precise terminology decides

Our regular clients include patent offices, for whom we mainly translate patent documents. They’re an important source of information on patents that are subject to legal protection. These are documents describing the specifics of patents, and in this case, it’s particularly necessary to maintain the correct terminology. Patents as a subject of intellectual property rights […]

Translation of Hecht garden equipment instruction manuals

Are you aware that you can also look for our translation agency behind safe work in gardens? Our regular clients include Hecht, which specialises in garden technology, such as lawnmowers, brush cutters (strimmers) and sweepers. Hecht regularly ask us to translate instruction manuals for their products. Every manufacturer or retailer who want to offer products […]

Translation of VW Academy e-learning materials for Porsche CR

Our long-term satisfied clients include Porsche ČR, which is a motor vehicle importer and part of the Volkswagen Group. These brands and their dealers operate throughout Europe and this requires localisation and translation of teaching materials into individual languages. The company entrusted us with the translation of VW Academy e-learning materials available to vehicle dealers. […]