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Translations of patent documents: when precise terminology decides

Our regular clients include patent offices, for whom we mainly translate patent documents. They’re an important source of information on patents that are subject to legal protection. These are documents describing the specifics of patents, and in this case, it’s particularly necessary to maintain the correct terminology.

Patents as a subject of intellectual property rights are an important element for the development of various areas of industry. The subject of patent protection is e.g. various production processes, mechanisms, machines and equipment, the eventual composition of chemical substances or elements. Patent documents allow our translators to look into the often-fascinating world of science and technology.

Nowadays, electronic databases of patent documents are mostly being created, these databases are of an international character and contain a great deal of information. For this reason, it’s necessary to translate them into the language of the country where the patent is to be used. Our translators most often translate patents from English and German into Czech or Slovak. Whatever the patent itself is, the priority is always the accuracy and correct translation of the technical terms.