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Translation of Hecht garden equipment instruction manuals

Are you aware that you can also look for our translation agency behind safe work in gardens? Our regular clients include Hecht, which specialises in garden technology, such as lawnmowers, brush cutters (strimmers) and sweepers. Hecht regularly ask us to translate instruction manuals for their products.

Every manufacturer or retailer who want to offer products in various countries must meet a number of legal requirements. One of these is delivering an instruction manual in the official language of the country where it’s sold. Therefore, the translation of instruction manuals an essential part of the business of many companies, and whereby companies often don’t have the capacity for such tasks.

For clients like Hecht, we provide professional translations of instruction manuals into multiple languages at once, reliably and without worry. When translating instruction manuals, we realise that it’s important to make sure that the resulting text is as comprehensible as possible and also agrees with the manufacturer’s original text. Proper understanding of the instruction manual is crucial for proper and safe operation of garden equipment.