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Translations of labels for outdoor equipment into 10 languages

Last month we translated labels for sleeping bags, tents and backpacks into 10 languages (Slovak, English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese, Turkish, Romanian) for our client, who is a Czech outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer. Part of the contract was translating instructions and recommendations regarding maintenance of these outdoor products throughout their lifetime.

These translations were either written directly by native speakers, or translations from professional translators were followed by native speaker proofreading. There were 65 standard pages of the source text.

Part of the translated texts were often one-word terms. In some cases, their translation was a tough proposition. For example, the Japanese translator needed to sort out the context of the word “Construction”. As this word is translated differently into Japanese if it’s a type of tent, such as A-type, etc., or if it’s a self-supporting structure or if this word refers to the tent construction bars. In such cases, it’s necessary to consult the context with the client so that the outcome corresponds with their requirements.